When Jobless

The loss of job is a struggle in anyone’s life. One may suddenly lose a job unexpectedly.

ROCK ROSE and MIMULUS: to bear the shock

But when you are expecting your “removal” at any time, as your colleagues are asked to leave: ASPEN (for expecting any bad news always)

When the announcement is delayed, one may not be able to concentrate because of the revolving thoughts of “job removal”: WHITE CHESTNUT

When one receives the news that he is ousted and given a pink slip: RESCUE REMEDY.  Then MIMULUS and LARCH: Larch will restore his confidence in himself.

One may be angry at the management and instead of being thankful (which is a must at this time) he may blame the management. WILLOW: can help to overcome self-pity

When you have to take another job: GENTIAN, HORNBEAM, LARCH and WILD ROSE

GENTIAN: to overcome any pessimism; to cope with the setback

LARCH: to have confidence in one’s ability and potential

Mental weakness or weariness is replaced by enthusiasm and motivation: HORNBEAM and WILD ROSE

The concern and feeling of inadequacy to provide for the family and to pay: ELM

Fear of being jobless when getting trained: MIMULUS

As days pass by, one may become hopeless: GORSE


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hello Naran Sir,

    Im in a deep trouble. I had worked in a MNC for 18 months, every thing was going well. But due to my family issues(i have got a kid who is 2 yrs old), i had to quit the job. Now im idle and it is being 8 solid months. whenever i attend an interview, god knows why im getting rejected. Please help me sir. I want a job wherein i can balance both my professional and personal life.Kindly advice me sir.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. shivani
    Take the flower remedies WATERVIOLET LARCH GENTIAN WILDROSE daily and even on the date of interview.
    After the interview, chant GENTIAN TOGETHER DIVINE till you get the result

  3. Dear Naran ji,

    I would thank you and the divine and you for the timely input you had been giving for all us in seeking guidance. For over 10 days I had to work on my lack of abundance and need to move to another job. My prayer used to be to surreder and ask the divine to guide me. Lo behold, each day you used to give comments that answers my prayers and it was so beautifully orchestrated and laid that I was awed at the love the divine has for all of us. I Thank you, your family, your ancestors, the team working behind to get these messages to all of us, the unseen hands that is working 24/7 to help us, the divine tools, multi dimensional healing practices, word press platform and of course ever loving divine presence. Thank you , Thank you, Thank you. 🙂

  4. ambika jeyaraman

    Hello Naren,
    I am a home maker.I have 11 years gap in career.Trying to get a job .I am not fully focusing in job searching .I am not getting interview calls too.Please advice me switch words to get interview and get a nice job.

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