No worries about interviews

Waiting for a result from one company


I applied for a job. Can you please give me switch word so that I can get this job?



Attended interviews in multiple companies


I have applied in many companies for job, but getting no response.




The Bach Flower remedies Gentian and Wild Rose will remove your expectations from attending an interview. When you have expectations, you will not get the right results.

The switch words Together and Divine are added to the combination, if you had attended multiple interviews.

They help you to bring all parts of your mind to achieve what you want. In general, there will be parts inside that will sabotage the desired results.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. hi sir, my husband’s accupuncturist says his liver is heatd too much. Wat does it indicate sir.( He askd him to put liver pack daily)

  2. sathya
    anger rage; unconnected with parents

  3. sir, how to overcome father in law has 2 wives and he lives wid his 2nd wife showin no attention to my husbnd ofcourse he is frustratd abt his parents. Plz suggest a remedy.

  4. sathya,
    it is not his concern. Judging the father and getting angry feeling frustrated is not required; you go on your own way, without being angry with him” This is the message for him from his BODY.
    Ask him to do the forgiving exercise.
    Ask him to chant be tiny concede clear reverse love now daily 108 times for one year.

  5. sir, i am sorry to say tis, he is not into chantin but he wil tak pills. So can u plz suggest flower remedies for him and i wil sure try to make him chant the abv words.

    • SATHYA,
      he has to chant. there is no alternative.
      Give him BEECH WALNUT HOLLY CHERRYPLUM to tolerate and stop judging, releasing the anger and to bear it without resisting.

  6. one should have sincere desire that u want job then only result comes .but here it is told dont hold expectations when attending interviews.enlighten me.

  7. Dear Naran, I am in a good rank and at good place of posting.I need to have some more stability and authority to feel worthy and able enough to contribute more professionally and personally.
    As per your previous writings on internet I have released the feeling for all these needs and feelings of mine. My officers and staff find me worthy enough but authority is lacking. I just wanted to humbly seek switch word for my situation where I feel contented.

  8. I am working in MNS . I was on one project and waiting for work to start but they release me from that project. Now i am searching for other project. I want good project and work from home as well .. i wat to be successful in my job and i want to manage my job , baby and home as well . I just want to do it and achieve something in my life . And prove myself. I couldn’t find my way.. please suggest me switch word

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