Job position is on hold

Ranjish Nair

I am in a very unfortunate situation. I am looking for a job since August 2011 and till now have found no results. I have 7 yrs experience in finance field.

My luck has been running really bad for quite some time. The calls that I am getting are very few.

One opportunity that I got, I attended an interview. I even got a call from the HR saying I am selected and the offer letter will be sent to me soon.

But, after few days, I got a reply from him saying that my job position is on hold and I will have to wait till my position gets an approval from the US office and that it will take around one month. He told me this on 18th July.

I am really worried about this delay, and these kinds of obstacles. I do not want this job to go out of my hand, as I have already waited for one year. I really want to pursue this job, as this is the perfect one that I was waiting for.


Chant “GORSE, SCLERANTHUS, CLEMATIS, MIMULUS” 100 times over a glass of water and drink it.

Write this in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow while sleeping.

Ranjish Nair

I was supposed to get a result by 31st July, but they are still saying that I will have to wait for the approval of my position from the US office and it’s taking time.

As my luck has been going bad since more than 1 year regarding job with continuous bad surprises, twists and turns regarding selection, and this delay on top of it, I am a little worried.


Expecting the past to happen will bring the same result. Something happened in the past need not be repeated now. We only make it happen by thinking about it.

Continue the same chanting.

Take a notebook and write “GENTIAN, HORNBEAM” 51 times.

Think about all your failures and thank the event one by one. Divine is planning our life, though we think otherwise.  

Say whenever the anxiety comes, “I thank the divine for providing this job to me for my highest good.”

Ranjish Nair

I think you are right. I need to stop thinking negative. Will continue to chant the switch words you have told me and do the above mentioned things. Thank you.


To become hopeful: GORSE

Uncertainty: SCLERANTHUS

Dreaming to receive the call: CLEMATIS



About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. alamelu iyengar

    Kindly let me know,how i proceed-still giving 96 symbol,but no interviews,if they come also the result is negative because of slow economy.please tell me sir what i need next.He is also getting frustrated because he is sitting without no work for a year.

    • Hello Alamelu,

      I am also struggling to get job. Last month I went over all posts where Sir Naran has replied so: I have found two chants which I am using for everyday and I am seeing positive results at least I am called for interviews and I am sure definitely I am going to get job soon. Here are the Sir Naran’s Chants which were given to people looking for job.
      1. Find divine order count now done.
      2. Sweet chestnut, Aspen, Walnut.
      I at least try to chant them 108 times but if I have more time, I chant more. I also have written them on a piece of paper and carry it in my wallet.
      Be positive as only positive things attract positive things.
      I wish all the best.

      • Dear Alamelu:

        Here is the blog by Naren Sir:


        Light a dark blue or black candle in the north direction. Until it burns out, chant “FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE”.

        You can write the switch words also.


        To get a job: DIVINE ORDER

        When do you require the job? NOW

        You have got the job: DONE

        What will you do after getting job? COUNT the money

  2. Respected Naran Sir,

    I have replied to Alamelu’s post correct me If I am wrong. I have read all of your post and started chanting
    1. Find divine order count now done.
    2. Sweet chestnut, Aspen, Walnut.

    I am seeing positive change in me and very confident after I started chanting those mantra’s.
    Thank you very much and blessing to you and your family.



  3. Have done find divine ………for past 3-5 months and also other remedies.Nothing is working.Also i have part time job.Because of tensions i am unable to work ,so i am doing part time which atleast is covering basic problem.Don;t know what else to do.why God is so cruel??

  4. Dear Alamelu,

    I am also going through same phase as yours’ but be patience. Reading Naran sir’s blog I have found out: he says do not expect too much. if you are expecting you will not get it. Keep chanting and do not loose faith on god he is there and definitely come to help you. He also said in one of his blog that: if ………Find divine order count now done is not working to add Release resistant in front of Find divine order count now done.
    So the new switch words will be ……………..”Release resistance Find divine order count now done”. Light a green candle and keep on saying the Switch words.”
    Always visualise that your husband receiving a job contract and also keep saying Release resistant 100/200 times in your head. Hope this helps you.

    I wish you all the best Alamelu soon good things will happen to you.

  5. Dear maneesha!
    Thanks for all help-patience is easy to advice,when you donot know the other person’s position.i am not magnifying my problems,but when all situations lead to nowhere , wht to do.still will try .No i am not expecting he gets job ,atleast in interview if they tell him why not selected,he can try better,also when he gives interview the position still reminas vacant months still they are not hiring.I feel sad for him-to see a man sitting at home ,doing nothing ,getting depressed it breaks u down,having no one to share the problems-my mom is heart pateint,so have not told her,inlaws say its your problem manage it,i have no friends,
    sorry to pour it out here,

    • During the interview Chant “Water Violet Larch Gentian Wild Rose”
      He will find out how to do well in interviews.

      During other times “Walnut Oak Hornbeam” — this is a mantra to take off, improve your efforts and not be exhausted.

      Chant “Red Chestnut Willow” thinking of him as your worries will bring him down. This is the message Maneesa is saying to you.

  6. Dear Alamelu,

    Sorry and I understand your problem. You can call Naran sir or Shobhana mam and talk to them directly

  7. Alamelu,

    I think Maneesha was trying to help you and I have read Naran sirs blogs and he also said what she has written and whatever she has written is from Naran blogs’. I was also laid back for 4 years and I am a single parent for my three kids and none help from any one absolutely . I know how difficult it is to survive in this economy. But this year after going through Naran sirs’ blog after four years I have found employment. He is great human being and god bless him. I think instead of getting angry on Maneesha you should thank her. In fact as Naran said I am thanking all the people who help me as well also thank people who are not helping me.

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