Jobs SF



How to overcome it?

Get ready for the next job

Prepare yourself for the job that you will be doing in the future

Frustrated homemaker

How to know which is the right job for you

Not able to get another job

What to do when you are jobless

I am jobless, what should I do?

Finding the Right Job

Have the right connections

If you heal your connections with the concerned people, it will get you the right connections required for getting a job

At last my son got a job

A mother’s prayer was answered.

Mental peace brings a job offer!

This mantra helped me get a job

Your past can haunt you

How to hold onto a current job

Can I hold onto my job?

Firstly, not losing your current job

Help My Relative Get a Job!!!

How to help somebody not to lose their Job!!!

You need not lose your job

Find Job Satisfaction

How to find the job of your satisfaction?

Job-related Issues

Change your misfortune

Made a big mistake while auditing, but it was fixed

Clear the obstacles

Getting leave from work

Don’t want my unhappiness extended

Issues related to location of job

Job Scare Part II

Lost an important document, however handled the situation smartly

Not happy about your boss

How to say ‘no’ to your boss, without offending him

If something doesn’t work, try something else – differently

Damage control: how to recover from a costly mistake

Performance at work

How to handle a difficult job

Success is ON

Be creative as a scientist

Moving in the Right Direction

Work-Life balancing act

Lost the fear overnight

Passing an internal exam successfully

Solving Your Day-to-Day Problems

At office

Deserve a better life

Get the right promotion

Staff Issues

Help with my work situation

Find a good worker; get the right help while travelling

I need a worker

Getting the staff you want


Had to manage several types of staff

Dramatic of a turnaround at work

Getting the right co-operation from your boss and co-staff

Conflict solution

Issues with the co-worker, getting a new project and moving onto to it

Working Onsite

Received a Red Carpet Welcome

Had a great interview at Singapore

I want a good appraisal from both Indian and US bosses

Got my US visa approved after lots of issues:

Aussies Beware

How to communicate with people not from your country? How to extend your job contract?

Business Success

Found a big client

Major sale after several years

Grab the opportunities that comes your way

Getting clients for consultancy

Sleep Well

You will be able to do more business

Increase Your Success Factor

Getting more business

Counseling for Chartered Accountants


CEOs were hooked to her speech

Giving a successful presentation in a front of an international audience

Winning Presentations

Two successful presentations to foreign delegates and engineering students

Improve your confidence level

As an HR trainer

Change your current job

Remove negatives Reinforce positives

Enhance your positive qualities that will get you a job, while reducing those qualities which stops you from getting the right job

Simple Life Solutions

Using Mudras to move on in your career

Planning to put in my papers

  1. Hi sir
    I am facing an issue regarding getting credit in my job. I handle all the work but all the credit goes to my colleague. Kindly guide me to have a good impression in my office and receive credit for my work.
    Thank you!

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