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Naran S Balakumar

  1. Hello Sir: looking for job soon any remedies for getting job soon.

  2. mANU

  3. Dear naran sir,
    I am shellvamani from metturdam. i did Mphil Biochemistry in 2007, till now i didnt get job, still am searching a job and i failed always. sir please i want your help i want to learn your techniques and attend your class. so please help sir.

  4. pease tell the chant to get job in the city you like

  5. Sir,
    I am unable to forge a strong respectful connection with my boss and my peers. Much hard work goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Peers and direct reports get quick praise, admirng appreciation and quick rewards. Promotion after promotion has been missed due to this. Now I fear I’m on the brink of a job loss. Please suggest a quick remedy-I am the sole bread earner in my family.

  6. Hi R mohan

    My husband’s current job is on stake due to non completion of sales targets. In this period of recession & tight market he is not able to get a another job. Consultants call him,resume is also forwarded but nothing is working. Pls suggest something so that he gets a good job in Banking line only

  7. ok R mohan im also writing “TOGETHER FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE”.for him.
    Pls confirm how many mins to be in each mudra & can i do this on his behalf

  8. Hi Naran Sir,

    Kind reminder …

    I have cleared a job interview ,but there is a delay in receiving the offer letter.
    Kindly,tell me what switch word should i chant in order to get the offer letter earliest with the salary as i wish for.


  9. I and my mom suffered from chikun guniya. We took allopathy medicine and recovered with fever. But now the joint pain has come again and the pain is so severe that it is unbearable. The whole body joints get stiff. I still continue with movement. But since last 1 week my right foot joints have become so stiff and it pains like hell. The pain is so severe that i cannot walk. The same is with my mom her lower back has become stiff and she could not get up. Kindly suggest switch words for chikun guniya joint pain in the body and switch word to be healthy.

    • Nandi,
      for joint stiffness I found this….
      perhaps both of you take “ROCK WATER WALNUT HORNBEAM”..
      add star of bethleham also..

      vallabham gajaananam yekadhantham-for lower back pain..

  10. Sir,

    I m in love with a girl.. We want to get married.. our horoscope also matching.. We have not informed our parents yet. I am a Tamilian and she is a marathi girl our parents are very keen on caste and society. We want to succeed in convincing our parents easily and have a beautiful life. please help us to win.

  11. Hi sir,

    Kindly suggest a mantra to be successful in my job and to get recognition.


  12. Hi sir,

    Please help me.
    I left my previous company because there was no development work in my project.. After that I got a job in company which promised development work but now they have put me in support work .. Please help me get into a development project in the same company as I can’t even quit the company immediately after joining..
    I’m getting tensed regarding this ..please help me with your magic switch words to solve my problem


  13. Thank you 🙂

  14. Hi sir,
    My mother met with an accident yesterday got fracture on neck and hand. Kept in icu for 24 hrs to check on her progress as spinal cord fracture can lead to paralysis …she is 58 yrs old and has asthma and diabetes problems also.
    Please suggest any remedy for her
    Thanks ,

    • Parul,
      Got this from blog..
      “Rescue Remedy has the advantage when terror and panic strikes, and for emergency situations. Somebody just met with an accident, and the person suffers from continuous bleeding. Think about him. Chant RESCUE REMEDY and bleeding will stop. Even when you hear bad news about somebody, write RESCUE REMEDY and keep it under the pillow of the patient. The patient may be under observation; the doctor has said let us wait for 24 more hrs; RESCUE REMEDY, SWEET CHESTNUT and RED CHESTNUT will bring the patient out of the ICU.”

      Also chant Hare Rama Hare Krishna….

      “When there is an emergency, chant the mantra “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” seriously. Ragavi’s brother-in-law Varun was admitted in a hospital, specialised in treating heart related diseases. His condition was pronounced as very serious.

      Ragavi wrote Varun’s name in a concentric circle and wrote the mantra inside the circle enclosing it. She also chanted the mantra and in a week’s time Varun’s condition become normal.”

    • Parul.,
      Whole family can chant on behalf of your mother….

  15. Thanks..but how rescue remedy is done..what is the mantra…how it is done…please tell

    • Parul,
      1)Simply chant ” RESCUE REMEDY, SWEET CHESTNUT , RED CHESTNUT ” thinking about your mother
      2)write “SWEET CHESTNUT ,RESCUE REMEDY” on a piece of paper and keep it under her(mother’s) pillow(if possible)
      3)Chant this mantra also “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” as many time as possible thinking about your mother.whole family can chant on behalf of her.

  16. Thanks a lot

  17. Right now am having financial problem with loan and around 9 lackhs amount need to am working in a software company and i put all my best effort to a work but no response for that . no one response for me .please suggest me get good job abroad or around india soon and change my life with peaceful. i need to get job in abroad and solve my financial problem. please suggest me any mantra to get good job and change my life and my family.Thanks in advance

  18. Dear sir, i am 56 years old retired recently from govt job. i need your help in (a) getting a job or starting a suitable venture to pay off 25 lac loan taken to constuct my house,(b) curing my diabetes,(c) curing my wifes rheumatoid arthirites,her both knees are bent permanently and she cannot fold her legs,(d) she also suffers from a disease called myesthenia gravis. pl suggest suitable mantras.Thanks and regards

    • rajiv mahna,
      1)for loan..
      chant , “Lalitham Sridharam Lalitham Baskaram Lalitham Sudarshnam”,
      2)daibetes-“Rum Bum Lum Dhum” 20 mins 2 times a day…
      3)ask your wife to chant “HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA”

  19. Hi Sir,

    Could you suggest any mantra or switch word to get awards and recognition at work place for having execelled in it.


  20. Dear Sir,

    Could you please guide me to get a good job where i can get better remuneration and recognition. for the past 4 years I am suffering at work . Waiting for your reply.

  21. Sir
    My husband is in banking job ,He has to give loan to small scale industries of 150 crore by march,and his colleges and boss are not supporting him.
    What bach flower remedy I can give him as He donot have time to chant.

    I m trying for my son admission chanting gorse impatiens scleranthus and 520 but still school has not called for admission process
    Plz help each passing day is crucial for us.

  22. Respected Sir,

    I am working in a market research company for the past 8 months. I am a interviewer. Everything was going on well and I was earning reasonably well. I went on leave for 3 weeks. When I returned, things are not the same with me at office. I am not able to meet my target. I feel my boss does not treat me well. I am not given a good pc to work. But when a new person comes, immediately they are given the best pc etc. Dont know why they treat us like this. Sir I am not sure what to do. I am reading your blog. Humans dont respect human. They only respect money, I feel. Basically I am a quiet person, just keep quiet for everything. Dont fight with anyone. Always feel God is above all. But at times being human, we too have feelings. Thank you sir. Sairam

  23. Hello naransirji, I moved to another state and have been looking for job for past 2 months. Last friday, I have cleared a test and given an interview today. I really want this job. They are going to declare about their decision by end of this week or earlier next week. Can you please suggest me to get this job. Thank you so much!!!

  24. Naran Sir, I am in a lot of trouble in my life. I am in my third job in last 2 years. Wherever I go my colleagues get threatened and become my enemies. The senior managers and executives withdraw all support and environment is created where I have to quit. I am excluded and isolated. Each time i joined the organization I am looked at as a high performer and then in 3- 4 months everything changes. I do not know what to do. Please Sir ji can you help?

  25. Hello sir..i gave one interview for my dreamed job. i got selected too and HR said she will release offer letter with in a week but she called again and said US client wants to talk once with candidate on skype and after this round she will release my offer letter. i do not want to miss this chance please tell me some switchwords to clear this round and get offer letter soon. thank you.

  26. Dear Sir,

    I have contacted you through your website blog also, but there is no response. Please suggest me some remedy for quick results.

    My husband has applied for abroad jobs and attended second round of interview also. Still there is no reply or no luck , its been one week. You suggested me to chant, ” Gorse Honeysuckle End Elate Thanks Divine Order Count Now Done.” Still no luck, since one week am chanting.

    Please suggest some thing for quick results.

    I literally beg you for this. I will be highly obliged .



  27. Hi Sir, My brother is looking for work in the film industry. Please suggest something which helps him to become successful in the field he has chosen.
    Thanks and Regards.

  28. v.umamaheswari

    sir my name is v.umamaheswari,

    i have lost money currency trading, i have take that amount from that only because i lost more, one person mr.rajeev is starting to give calls from monday. for that i promisted to pay share from my profit. i need the calls received from rajeev to gain profit. rajeev has to give a continous profit trade. then only i can clear the debts. kindly help me sir

  29. v.umamaheswari

    sir my name is v.umamaheswari,

    i have lost money currency trading, i have take that amount from that only because i lost more, one person mr.rajeev is starting to give calls from monday. for that i promisted to pay share from my profit. i need the calls received from rajeev to gain profit. rajeev has to give a continous profit trade. then only i can clear the debts. kindly help me sir sir i am getting fear and i cant able to intake food due to heavy financial debt. please help me sir

  30. Dear Sir,

    I did my Nursing course in Canada so I could work as a nurse, it is my dream job. It is almost 1 year since I finished my course but not able to find job. I feel so hopeless and worthless, as if God has suddenly shut all the doors for me. I just don’t know what to do ? Please help me.

  31. hello sir,
    my daughter is 32 yrs old pursuing her phd.i m not able to get her married nor she was able to get a good job .please help her in finding a suitable job and me her get married to a good human

  32. My husband got the job after a year of sitting at home without job. But now he is saying that there is no business in his office. Being an marketing executive he has the target to make sales. But he is not interested in doing the job. I am worried . If he could perform well in his office he can continue working here. or they might transfer him to some other place. Please any circle method so that I can keep under his pillow. Due to this he get angry with children and me also. We have to pay debts and fees. So job is our security. Please He must stay in a permanent job on his will and satisfaction.

    • Guruji
      Please suggest me some chanting method or circle method as his job is our security. I want him to get a permanent job so that he gets job satisfaction and fulfil our duties to give all comforts to our children and get close of our some financial issues.

  33. Dear naran,
    Iam in canada and not getting a job frim last 2years after coming here wid my husband. What should I do to get a good job as we havehuge debts to clear?

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  35. I have a huge financial debt due to which i am unable to satisfy my daily needs. The amount of interest I pay is more than my salary. Its been 7 years I am facing this financial problem but still unable to get out of it

  36. Greetings to you sir,
    I’m mca student. I don’t know what is happening to me. I was a bright student, but now I don’t have any interest in my studies. I couldn’t study or concentrate for even ten minutes. My exams will be commenced from first week of june and i ve to clear 10 more papers. The other problem I’m facing now is my marriage is fixed and will be on this December. Im very tensed. If i go like this my life will be spoiled. Sir I humbly request you to provide me a mantra or switch word so that through chanting I can overcome the obstacles in my studies and finish the subjects within the time ,pass the exam with good marks and get a good job before my marriage …

  37. hello sir

    how to treat a child in her adolescent age?
    she’s not listening and continuesly is on phone and not studying. ..
    she’s getting into bad friend circle and getting attracted to boys…
    Please help me sir. ..

  38. Respected sir, my daughter is selected in a good company. But she is waiting for call for training till two months. Other condidates are called by company. My daughter chant REACH DIVINE CALL NOW DONE regularly. But nothing is happen. Please do something .i am north indian so i dont know english well.

  39. Hi Naran
    Please help over three month ago I asked for a switch word to clear out my credit card debts now creditors calling me you tell me write reverse praise count divine. Still in debts please help.

  40. Rspctd sir, u had suggested Mustard Rockwater Willow Pine Change Divine Order for my problems…out of the blue my daughter got in tch with a boy in U.S…..he is very well qualified & settled in U S …& very strangely he is crazy for much so that hes going against his parents to marry her…now how do i know if hes the right one for her…i m not pursuing the proposal …i m waiting for my answer…how do i decide…

  41. I have bn chanting Mustard Rockwater Willow Pine Change Divine order for few times daily for past 2 weeks ..

  42. Dear Naranji,

    Namaste Sir! I submitted my Ph.D. thesis 14 months back in the university in Hyderabad. Still the final viva is not conducted by the University. Kindly provide me the switch words so as to complete the much awaited my Ph.D. viva voce and get the Doctorate award and make my parents and family happy and proud. Thank you very much.

  43. I have a tenant who has stopped paying rents and utilities bill , what should I chant so that she vacates peacefully and pays her dues before she leaves.

    Thanks so much

  44. My vehicle is leaking petrol or oil which I do not know I am unable to stop it or even the mechanic does not find any problem. pls help

  45. I am jobless from April 2013 and have been facing immense personal problems also. I get interviews but am unable to convert it. My salary had been low and I am having zero finances and surviving on my ammas benevolence. Kindly help in getting a good job with a good salary.

  46. Hello Sir
    My brother is not listening to anybody at home. Not giving respect, money,basic requirements of home to his parents. Don’t even talk to parents.
    Pls guide something so that he start to take care of parents. He get married before 6month. But his nature like this is since many many days.

  47. Paranam


    I am working for a very big educational organisation I am looking for a Promotion, despite I am earning its not sufficient for us to maintain my Husband is a Asst Choreographer in movies all he only knows to dance I want him to do some good business.
    Plz help us and suggest us

  48. Respected sir…
    There is a heavy conflict between my parents my only brother and my husband….he just wants me alone and avoids all my relatives…though im in a joint family with my inlaws he never permits me to even meet my parents..the same situation prevails for 10 years and gets worse…i feel so frustrated …i want to satisfy my parents till their lifetime and be happy with my brother….my chidren should get the love of their maternal grandparents and relatives please suggest me switch words …….

  49. Am in my 40s & always suffered from acne in the form of pus filled boils all over face, legs, thighs & scalp. Black scars are there all over and pin prick like marks all over my cheeks. Have started chanting “Star of Bethlehem, Gentian” and “Divine learn curve hole now on”…… is it ok or should I chant something else? Pls also advise what medicines I should order from your Centre for this. ….. Will “Together Divine” CD benefit me in any way? Thank you so so much.

  50. Dear Sir,

    I am jobless for last 3 years, left job due to stress to start Business. Currently looking to start some business but not getting any idea on which business to start and how Universe & Divine Energy and Angels can help me show me the path.

    Could you please give me to chant switchwords which will help or give ideas on starting my own Business venture and helping in setting up the business.

    Also I am listening to Abundance CD.


    • Dear Naran sir,

      Also read yesterday blog on Power Life Symbols.

      Could you also suggest which symbols to use to show path to start new business.

      Thanks & Regards

    • Dear Naran sir,

      Could you please provide me the solution.
      I am trying for job but no luck. Also not getting any ideas on which business venture to start. No earnings for last 2.5 yrs.

      Please help.


  51. Dear sir,

    Kindly help me with SW for my problem.

    I am in love with my friend. However now he is not interested thought he was the one to start this relationship. There are so many issues in his life now that he cud not give time to this relationship, which resulted in fights.

    Moreover I feel I don’t / cannot keep / hold on a long term relationship. Though I am willing to wrk it out , the other person backs out.I have gone thru 2 separation for no fault of mine and this relationship actually gave some hope of settling down.
    Please help us get together, make him get attached to mewith love, kindness and trust. I wud love to settle down with him.
    Currently he is not talking to me as he shud and this is getting me in depression state.
    Please please please help me settle down with him. He should understand and come back.

    Awaiting a remedy,

  52. Hello Naranji,

    I have read lot of your articles.You are doing a great service to the society.
    I have lost lot of money in share market. I would want earn back all the money that i have lost quickly. I am aiming to earn atleast 10% daily.Can you help me out on my situation with mantra or switch words to earn consistently in commodity market.

  53. Dear Sir
    I am a regular reader of your blog’s and often used your advice given to others in similar situations. Likewise to get a job which I have been trying so hard for long time I followed your advice of chanting REACH DIVINE CALL NOW DONE after applying numerous application. I even tried release resistance switch word as well. But it’s not working for me. Could you please guide me to get a job and be financially independent in my life. Please this is making me very depressed. Please help me.

  54. saroje vasantha naidoo

    Naranji my mother has so many complications also Arthritis
    please give a solution because I tried lots of things nothing help am desperate she’s 72 years

  55. Hello Sir,
    I am into SW Profession and joined back to work after Maternity.Currently I do not have any project and I am search of it.If I don’t get a project in another 13 days,I might get a call from HR to Quit. Please help me

  56. sir, Im trying to get government job and im waiting for my sbi clerk 2016 result and im very desperate to get the job because i was doing my M.Sc but i quited this year february becoz of friends problem and i was so depressed.but now i want to forgive them and doesnt want to see them again in my life becoz it will hurt me and increase my anger against them so please suggest me a mantra to forgive them and not to see them again and to get government job sir please

  57. Hello Sir,

    Me and my friend have a lot of fights. He never tries to understand my situation.

    Please help so that he again starts understanding me, our fights end and our friendship gets strengthened like before.

  58. Dear Naran Sir,

    My husband has tortured me very much and my family has made me lodge a harassment case on my husband. So my husband has filed a petition seeking for a divorce from me. As familiar to all, these Court cases gets dragged for years. My family is not willing to go for an out of Court settlement, so I want my husband to come to us for an out of Court settlement by himself. Please suggest suitable switch words. Also I want every thing to end up in harmony on both sides. Waiting for your reply at the earliest. Thanks and gratitude in advance


  59. My husband ls having heart under medication.could u pls suggest a switch word for his good health and long life.
    Also request u to give a switchword to clear our debts

  60. Hi Naran sir,

    I am working in IT industry for past 12 years and awaiting promotion for past 5 year with vain. Also, for my career growth and financial need, I am desperately looking for a job in Singapore for over 4 years. Please provide me a switch word for getting a permanent job in Singapore immediately with good salary.


  61. Dear Naran I am Sharmila I am supposed to send some samples of garments to a lady abroad what can i do to ensure my samples get approved and sell like hot cakes so we can have a successful business relationship.

    Thanks in advance.

  62. Respected Guruji I am Vaishali, My parents are too old 82 years and very devoted people. But my cousins are trying to cheat them. There is one property which we want to sell so that their remaining life will be hassle free. In spite of old age my father is still working. There are many hurdles while selling the property. I also cant help them always much due to circumstances and feel very guilty. My cousin is a greedy man and is troubling us also saying that not to sell it. Please help is in selling the property for a good amount immediately so that they will not depend upon anybody for anything.
    I will always be grateful if you help us.

  63. Prashant Kannaujiya

    Sir, I have a lot of doubts about chanting mantra (especially OM ) since the scriptures give a few restrictions over women, caste and initiation. There seems to be a dissent in scriptures themselves and I’m almost confused. Please clarify my doubt.

  64. Dear Naran Sir,

    I have successfully interviewed for my dream job .The hiring manager has personally told me that I am the best candidate for the job from all the candidates they have interviewed in past 3 months,and she would hire me right away , But apparently her boss is reluctant as he thinks I may not be suitable even though he has not interviewed me. I really need this job very badly as I am the sole bread winner of the family and will be laid of my current job due to company restructuring.
    Kindly give me a mantra so that I can get this job and my mangers Boss is open to hire me .
    I am chanting Slow care,Bring Miracle praise divine order count now done


  65. Hello sir, my husband wants to go to abroad frequently for office work. So he can make lot of money .But he is not getting chance. He is trying from 8 years…pls suggest mantra.

  66. Sir,i need permanent job with good salary ,sir please advice any switchword and mantra for me

  67. Dear Naren,
    I just stumbled upon this blog by chance. I need your help on 2 extremely urgent matters!!
    1) I am residing in a foreign country. I have lost 3 jobs in a matter of 1 1/2 years. Its never happened to me before till now. Right now applying for plenty of opportunities but not even an interview call is happening. If I do not get a job within this month, then I will have to exit the country as the grace period of my Visa will end. So, I need to get interviews and a job offer all within a week or 10 days at the most.
    2) I have loans and financial commitments to meet as a result of not having income for about a year or so. Need to settle these also simultaneously.
    Kindly suggest some powerful remedies which will bring me out of these big problems fast. Also, please advise how many times to chant daily and any other details you deem fit for me to do.
    Thanks and sitting on the edge of the chair to hearing from you soon.
    Best Regards

  68. My son in 4th std is not interested in studies.his exams are coming.please help so that he can study well and get good marks

  69. Namaste Guruji,

    I had taken your advise a few years back on passing an exam and came out with flying colors.

    Today yet again, I need your help. my husband is without job since Feb 2016. He has given many many interviews but nothing is working out. He’s a total atheist. I am believer in god but do pooja/chants occasionally.

    Seek your advice In resolving his career problem so he gets a job.
    His date of birth is 1 Dec 1977, 9:40 Pm.

    Thanks in anticipation!

  70. Radhika Varadharajan

    My daughter is doing PhD pl help her in completing her PhD within the stipulated time successfully

  71. Respectd Sir,
    Vaishali here. I left my job 7yrs back now. Iam financially ok but serously, by heart, I donot like to beg infront of husband for money for every single need of mine or home. so now I wish to resume my career again at the age of 42. I really do not understand where to start, how to start . also there is no initiative from my side. but yes, i want some or other source of part time/home based job where i can get my own money.
    Sir please please please answer me, i need it badly to motivate myself.

  72. Hello sir
    Desperately need your help. My husband is serving notice period in his current job ending on 31st March 2017. He is trying hard to get new job or retain the current job but nothing seems to work. He is Not even getting call for job interview. We have a newly born baby just 3 months old. I will be chanting on his behalf. Please help and advice on how to do it.

  73. Naran sir
    Please help me in finding the solution for my husband problem. Recently he was told that released from project because of this his job security is very low.also his Visa extension is not happening. Kindly suggest switch words for new project along with onsite opportunity and feel that he’s safe.
    Kindly help us please..

  74. Ramachandran Gopal

    I have given my MBA exam and continuesly im failing in my examination. So please help me in clearing my examination i have given my exam and awaiting for my results.

  75. Lakshmikanth

    Dear Sir

    Please help me with my situation. I have been constantly attempting for bank exams for a long time and every time despite my efforts I am failing. I am still giving my examinations, I would like to clear the examinations and get settled in the bank I desire for a good salary. Please help me with my situation sir.

  76. hi Naran please give me a switch word froths problem. My husband put a human spirit on me and it is not leaving me at all. please give me a switch word please. i also can’t find a job all my credit cards is past due please also help me remove this bad luck Thanks

  77. Namaskar Naran Sir,
    My daughter is a free lancer. She writes creative writing from home. Please suggest chant for constant & well paid work. At times she gets a lot of work, but again slack.

    Also she is Thalesmia Minor having a lot of periods problems. She is 31 yrs old, married
    Her Hb is also very low. Never more than 9/10.
    Please help. Thank you sir. You are very kind & helpful. Having high hopes on you.

    Smita Shah.

  78. Hello Sir,
    I m married for past 4yrs but my husband is still not thinking about having a baby. Every year we have a fight, he gets angry and he says he is no more interested staying with me and then he completely ignores me for 3-4 months then again we get along and enjoy our life……Sir please give me some switch words so that my husband gets convinced and wholeheartedly and happily soon makes me pregnant and we have a healthy baby.i m desperately waiting for this precious gift. Thanking you in advance.

  79. My sister is 43 yrs old and have no brother in law loves her very much but from last 1and1/2 yr he and his father is very rude to they doubt my sister and offend her every brother inlaw having schizophrenic family histry and attempt suicide and blame my sister to ruin his life.he dont give money to my sister and waste all the savings in sisterloves him very much. She wants some freedom and harmony in her marriage life.

  80. I want my business back . Please help. Let our principals decide in our favour and not against us.

  81. Harshita Dilawri

    Please help me getting admission in desired achool for Nurseling Admission in Delhi 🙏

    • Ramnath Shanbhag

      In addition, call the Animal Spirit Guide “Wolf” and ask it to help you in getting the admission.

  82. Hello

    Can you give me the switchwords for uk visa. I should receive the visa within 6months and I want it to come faster and also get the good news of getting the visa

    please help sir

  83. My husband is family oriented..he gives all his earnings to his family he does not tell me anything..he does not lik me getting involved in his stuff..he takes care of me gives me food..but that’s not life..he also abuses to change his bad qualities he only uses cell phone..he loves his sister s and mom more than me which he often tell s me


    I am having a skin pricking in the whole body especially in the back side for the last 8 son was gtg married on september with our concern.i am not able to sit freely in office. there is itching in all parts.i.WHICH MANTRA i chant anytime.i bought mooladhara CD AND HEARD FOR 3 DAYS

    • Take Bach FLOWER Remedies “AGRIMONY, CRAB APPLE. If itching is more, add RESCUE REMEDY”.

      Chant “OM CHAM NAMAHA, OM JAM NAMAHA” while the itching starts.


    Thanks a lot sir

  86. Dear sir
    I lost my job almost 2 years back, even I have 12 years UAE experience then also I couldn’t find a good job till now. Yesterday I attended an interview, I was chanting “Water Violet, Larch, Gentian, Wild Rose and Mimulus” throughout the yesterday. Now I shortlisted & they called me for assessment for Sunday ( 8/07/2018).
    So please help me to get this job. This is a very reputed company in UAE.

    Sir please help me….

    • Dear sir,

      My assessment I did very well from my side with the help of switch word “WATER BIOLET LARCH GENTIAN WILD ROSE MIMULUS” now I am waiting for final call from them. Please help me for that.

      Thank you

      • Chant Ambika mantra.

        Ambika Annadhi Nidhanaa, Ashwarooda Aparaajitha.

        • Dear sir

          Thank you so much I will chant this. After 14 years of my career last 2 years I am searching a good job this is A best opertunity in my life it’s a semi government company in UAE. So I hope this mantra will work for me.

        • Dear sir

          Still I didn’t get any call from the company. I hope my final assessment test was really impressive for the interviewer. I am waiting for the offer letter from them. They told me with in 2 days they ‘ll contact me. But it’s more than 2days now.
          Dear sir please help me i need to get this job very urgent please help me sir…

          Thank you

        • Dear sir,

          Thank you so much. Yesterday I got call from the company. They said I passed assessment & come tomorrow for final discussion for salary. Sir please give me a switch word to salary offer match my expectation (every body saying that copany is paying very high salary & benefits for employees)
          Please help me sir

          • Chant “Together Find Divine Order Count Now On”

            • Dear sir
              Today they gave me again assessment test. I did that well.they ask me to wait for 1week for the result. Some other candidates also there now I so worried about this. Can I chant “Together Find Divine Order Count Now On” till next call. Sir plss do reply..

            • Dear sir,
              I didn’t receive any call from the company. Please help me sir.


                • Dear sir

                  Someone else got that opertunity, I called them just now. I am so disappointed now. Sir i did my interview very well but… I am facing this problem so long now. This was my last hope that is also gone I don’t know what to do.
                  Almost 12 years UAE experience I have total 16 years experience. I didn’t take any break in my career till 2015 November. 2015 end I got terminated I was getting good salary that time we took a personal loan. Monthy EMI is almost 95000 (aed 5000) rupees. Till now we paid that amount with out delay. From this month onwards we don’t have enough money to pay that. My husband’s salary we can’t afford all these things. We dont have the money to get our kid’s admission. Now we are planing to go to India next month to arrange this money. We don’t want to ranaway with out clearing our debt in UAE.

                  last September I got one job I worked there 6 months they gave me only 2 months salary only. Almost 30,000Dhs(almost 5.5 lakes rupees)i have to get from there. I worked there without Labour card so leagally I can’t claim it. My husband supporting me very well thank god for that. But i know he also very disappointed. This is the firest time in my life I am troubling like this. My parents brother’s also facing same problem now. They are going to sell our only home now because of their debt.

                  Dear sir I don’t know how I will face all this problem. If I will get this opportunity my problems will be solved but there is no hope for that now.
                  It was a semi government company. That’s also gone. After long time I got this interview call now a days it’s very difficult to get a call also. I called wolf also for help but no one help me. I am feeling very heavy from my heart that’s why I shared all these to you. Hope you can help me.

                  Thank you sir

  87. I am preparing for government job and i want to do the coaching for this. Give me any switch word so that i can get the government job and can do the coaching. Please suggest

  88. sir
    i am working in a private company my passion is to get government jobs but due to my family situation i am working in private concern kindly help me to get good government job pls help me

  89. Hi Sir,
    I had applied for my work permit last month. It says it takes 66 days from the approval.. As per my calculations it is near to the Christmas and am worried if it will delay further. I can’t work as I don’t have a work permit and I am struggling with no money. Can you please help me with this situation.?

    • Ramnath Shanbhag

      Chant as many times as possible “CRYSTAL GORSE WOLF REACH HELP Work Permit”.

      Also write and keep with you “WATER VIOLET, LARCH, GENTIAN, IMPATIENS, MIMULUS”.
      Take above remedies 3 times a day.

  90. I am in a miserable state where I had to quit my job because my husband decided to quit his job and relocate to another city without a job . Both of us are now jobless for past 6 months . My husbands health is not good . He has high BP , triglycerides , we are surviving on my savings wwhixg will get over soon . My mom is also very unwell and financially I am unable to help her . I my wish is to get a job for myself asap so that I can support my family , my husband . Pls help with an effective SW

  91. My husband is complaining that he feels drowsy and unenthusiastic at work which is heating is productivity.dont feel like going to office. He works for IT firm

  92. Shankaran Malini

    Hi Sir,

    I am looking for a job change, which needs to be well-paying and also stable, a permanent profile. I am currently in a contract position which got extended for a couple of months and now it is getting lapsed due to politics and lot of things. Can you help me with the apt switch words to be chanted for a good job which is stable and pays me better than the ones so far?

    Thanks and regards

  93. My husband has got a work permit canada visa and me and my child got a dependent visa.his boss is delaying calling him to canada.plz gv a switch word to rwach and settle in canada. Canada .

  94. hello, my brother in law’s one court case is going on. i sincerely want him to win this court case, as he is right accordingly to the details that i am aware off. please can you suggest a switch word, so that I can chant it accordingly. thanks for your help.

  95. hello sir
    my husband has given interview in his dream company. interview went well. awaiting confirmation n offer letter. pls advice the switch words which confirms his job n he gets his offer letter soon.

    Thanx and regards

  96. Hi Sir,

    I am looking for a project that transfers me permanently to Markham Canada. Please guide me with some switch words or mantras or gems or anything, so that I can move there permanently as soon as possible along with my 2 kids.

    Will look forward to your kind response!
    God Bless you!


  97. shruti ahuja

    Hello Sir,

    I went for an interview last Friday and have been waiting for the call from them. I really wish to get this job. Please suggest.

    Thank you

    • Ramnath Shanbhag

      Chant mantra “Ambekar Anaadhi Nidhanaa, Ashwaarooda Aparaajitha”.

      अंबिका अनादी निधना, अश्वारुढा अपराजिता

  98. Hello sir
    I am searching job after 14 yrs …i already post my cv to companies but not getting any respons. What to do ?

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