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My son has completed engineering in Electronics and telecommunication in 2012 and got a job in Reliance. He left the job as he wanted to go abroad for further studies. Unfortunately, he did not get admission in any one of the good colleges.

Since last six months he has been trying for a job. I have forwarded his CV to whomever I know and we are yet to get any response. Kindly suggest a SW for him to get a good break to start his career.


Chant “QUIET CLEAR GO ADD END BRING TAKE job COUNT NOW DONE” as many times as possible for his career.


QUIETEN the mind, which is worrying, CLEAR all past anger or resentment, END procrastination and frustration, increase your capacity and get the job on your terms (TAKE) to COUNT NOW DONE.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hello Sir !

    I am working in IT, where getting a project inside the job is now a days has become hard. Could you please suggest me any swithc word or animal spirit or bach flower remedy , so that I can get a good project. Thanks in advance.

  2. Dear R Mohan sir:

    I am looking for teachers’ job……………..For two months I chanted Find divine order count now done but did not get job. Now from a month I am chanting ……………………..Release Resistance Find divine order count now done but not getting positive responses can you please tell me something magical switch words so that I can get a teachers job. ………….

    Thank you.

    • I am a part-time teacher anyway.

      Naran asked me to chant 369 to get business. It didn’t work. Then he added Release Resistance. I would say this is a definite Career Changer.

      Write it in a piece of paper “RELEASE RESISTANCE 369” and chant it whenever you can. Keep the paper in your purse.

      I chanted “SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE” separately as it silences the worrying mind – a silent killer.

      I am continuing to do it and will do so as I know my career is taken care of, thanks to these two switch words and the angel 369.

      Buy the symbol pack if you can afford. There are few symbols which are good symbols for teachers. Symbol-2 for teaching, Symbol-3 for reading, for example. Your students would love your teaching if you have symbol-2 with you.

      Good luck

  3. Chant “QUIET CLEAR GO ADD END BRING TAKE job COUNT NOW DONE” , as stated above. Is the word “job” included in this chant? Can we use “FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE”, with this chant?

  4. Dear R Mohan,

    Thanks for your reply. Release Resistant 369 is for business or for finding job.

  5. Hello sir,
    My daughter wants to change her job to other place to stay with her husband after marriage which is very urgent. please guide with some magical divine methods.

  6. Hello sir,
    i am a working woman in the investment banking division of a big bank. Though i have been in this office for the last 4 years, i have not been able to complete some projects in which i had been assigned mostly due to some inherent problems or some reasons in the projects itself. Till now, i am not really satisfied as my other colleagues get some nice projects and they are able to create an individual space for themselves in the office. I have still not been able to create my individual space for myself and be important in the office. Last year i have not been able to complete my fee income target and this year is also like that. Most of the assignments, almost 90%, which would bring income / complete my fee target does not materialise. I am very unhappy because of this. I did not get promoted also last year. I am not able to confidently say to others that i have handled such and such assignments and for the current year, the situation is like that. Most of the time, the reasons for the assignments not getting completed are due to promoter issues or other management decisions. But ultimately,the bosses and others do not consider this. and it is like that i have not really worked or had been creative in completing the assignments.

    Please suggest a quick remedy to improve my situation in office. I want to have a good career and make myself important in my office. I have recently gone through your website and have started chanting “Be ridiculous, Agrimony, Heather bring magic complete …crore target now” alongwith “Slow Care’ and “Release Resistance Count Move On”. Please confirm is this is ok or suggest any suitable solution for my problem.

    Praying to wolf for your divine answer.


    • I could identify three problems here:
      1. Not able to complete projects: Walnut Oak Hornbeam
      2. No Promotion, Lack of confidence: Oak, Larch
      3. Not able to have your own space: Centaury. Add Willow for resentment and Pine for Low self-esteem.

      We need to prioritize our problems.

      When you complete your projects and targets (Larch) on time, your will gain confidence (Larch). To do that you need to work smarter (Oak) and complete projects (Hornbeam).

      Then they will recognize you, promote you and give you own space (which you will get automatically when you take Centaury. A centaury person will become Willow and Pine).

      So take Walnut, Oak, Hornbeam and Larch twice a day morning and afternoon, two pills each, one after another.

      In the evening you take Centaury, Pine and Willow.

      • Dear Sir,
        Thank you very much such an instant response. I understood the way you have prioritized my issues. However, i would like to add the first problem as to getting the projects / assignments. on my account. For instance, right now, i have been allotted one assignment, which the company is not finalising our mandate / offer and even if they give, it would be difficult to complete due to regulatory issues. However, the income, if this happens would complete half of my target. Similarly, we are talking for some two other assignments but the companies are not finalising our mandate. If these projects mandates are given to us, i can work hard to complete them.

        Please suggest something for this too. Also, where can i get the pills. I live in bangalore.


      • Dear Sir,
        I had been doing as suggested. Everytime, there is some incident which gives some hope that something is working but still it does not work out. everything falls apart. Its almost december and my target to be achieved is faraway. Pls help.. I keep chanting “Together bring end find divine projects count now done”. i want my target to be achieved by march end.Only if we complete our mandates, we will get fees and i am not getting any mandates only. Secondly, there is one assignment / client for which i had been working for the last 1 year and they still have not signed our offer letter also. Is there any switch word to make them accept our offer letter and pay our fees.


  7. PU
    Take Rescue Remedy. put 5 pills in 200 ml water. have small sips from that water daily for about 6 to 7 times.
    Daily in the morning and night thank all the events and persons in your life.
    Find out in your life whether you have kept all promises. If you have not, recall the incident and chant i am sorry please forgive me.
    Thank the person for sigining the offer letter.

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  9. my husband is trying to get a permanent job in germany.even after having 15+ years experience, he is not getting any interview calls. Either no reply or resume is rejected.There are many vacancies in his skill set,kindly help him land a permanent job in germany. please suggest me some remedies

  10. I clear the written exam after I give interview but the results of interview is not declared I’m waiting this I’m chanting Gorse gentian wildrose mimulus, together bring divine word now done, find count divine, vallabham Mantra from 3 month but I couldn’t got result , what I have to do.

  11. Hi Naran Sir, tried reaching you. Please suggest a switch word to get a high paying job on my terms and conditions. I am struggling in career and helath

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