Don’t beg from the divine


You have asked me to write “release resistance find divine order count now” for 51 times daily. I do that. I chant Ambika Sloka like mad, beg wolf every day and still no job interviews.

I ask loads of people but no one helps me–what more should I do? I need a job as soon as possible and am helpless. I beg divine so much and what more can I do?


Don’t beg from the divine. Take it from the Divine.

Daily in the morning say three times,” I thank divine for giving me a job of my choice. Then forget about it.


Why is this happening to me? The only thing I ever ask god for myself is a job. I help loads of people and never I think ill of others and genuinely pray for people – why am I being punished?


You will definitely get a job. Instead of having a victim feeling, have the attitude of gratitude.

Instead of “why me” question, understand God is doing everything perfect. He will do everything at the right time.

What is the right time? Think and thank the divine that you have had already right time.

Every day, morning, say, three times, “I open up all parts of my mind and align them to resonate to the Divine grace of money. I thank the Divine for providing me the job of my choice now. I release this intention to the all providing divine field.”

Forget about this and concentrate on something else.

Daily in the night think back and thank god for everything that happened in your life. Each and every incident leads to the other. Nothing is unwanted or not needed.

Whatever happened – bad or good – thank the divine for that.

Shed tears of gratitude towards your parents, your friends, relatives, your house and your environment, the air you breathe, the dress you wear, the food you take, the water you drink.

Do you know how many, how many persons are behind your one day food? Thank all those persons – right from vegetable grower, seller, his storage place, vendor, and his cart – so many are there.

Think about the link of the persons to your one day food and thank everyone. 

Why not this internet which connects you and me? Thank the Internet too.

Build up the energy of love in your heart and start living with contentment. You will get the job.

If your victim feeling can help you to get the job, be in that state. Otherwise be in a state of gratitude.

You are not helping anybody. You are privileged – you are selected by god – to help those people. You are indebted to them.

Help them with full heart. But don’t expect anything from them. If you do the help without expecting any appreciation, you will advance the Time.

  • FORGIVE LOVE THANK is the mantra for your life.
  • To come out of victim feeling, take Bach flower remedies WILLOW and PINE each two pills two times a day for one month.

Best of luck

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thank you Naran sir,I read this blog everyday “don’t beg from divine” –the message I got from it;”Gratitude”.I m trying to develop “attitude of gratitude”.I m really inspired by this article.

    The day I read this article….I started thanking everybody .. directly,indirectly,even in my mind ,through mails, in all way.

    Even ,I make a list for the people who may be angry with me,and I thank them for ten different reasons.
    May divine guides me to choose right ways ,right words to show and feel gratitude.

    love,light and gratitude

  2. My heart is filled with truck loads of positivity and hope every time I read your posts. Your thoughts resonate with me totally and especially the one on thanking everything around. I think the very fact we are alive is no less than miracle and for a specific purpose. We must thank god or the supreme soul for giving us this. Thank you Mr Naran for sharing this concept of switchwords with us. Even I believe your existence is a boon to mankind and you are living up to the purpose with which you have been sent to planet earth by the supreme soul.

  3. At the Onset I would like to Thank you from the bottom of my heart Shri Naran for the perfect solution ,My motivation levels ,Energy Levels
    gone down tremendously ,so hasv my concentration ,…Very few tasks I complete is with great difficulty ,Efforts n time …Life has come kind of a Standstill , Feel depressed,Poor relationship with my wife …this all is effecting my other things also ,…my job ,Huge clutter in the house
    Kindly Advice ,Thanks once again

  4. Thank you. I really feel very happy. Even I’m in same state of mind but after reading your blog I feel very happy and released.

  5. My husband has been looking for a job for the past four months.we both have tried chanting several switch words but no use.there are many opportunities matching my husband’s job profile but as he is not a qualified CA he gets rejected in many places.he even attended a few interviews but they don’t call him.sometimes the position he applied for goes on hold.please suggest some Bach flower remedies as it has become difficult to move on without a steady income.

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